Culture Champions

Every leader can create a culture by design...they just need to know how. Coaching to increase self-awareness in combination with practical and actionable strategies can make any leader a champion of culture change.

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Partners in Change

HR/OD professionals partner with leaders to create cultures by design. All they need is a little help in the form of shared wisdom, a practical approach and useful tools that link culture and leadership with strategy to achieve high performance.

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Culture Integration

The merging of organizations is exciting and often unpredictable. Land mines and pitfalls abound especially when cultures clash. Appreciating and understanding each others cultures is a big part of the solution.

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The Power of Intention

For an organization to execute its strategy and make its vision a reality, existing beliefs and assumptions regarding the best and right way to do things must be examined, challenged and, if necessary, changed. This is the art of culture work. The science is in the identification of the network of behaviors, practices and structures required to achieve sustainable culture change. When art and science are combined, we have the power to intentionally create a culture by design.

Diagram Depicting the 4 Main Areas of Culture's Link to Strategy

Create a Culture By Design...

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