Our Approach

There are five steps to every engagement, whether it be coaching, culture change or M&A cultural integration:

Intent - Define the purpose and goal or expected outcome

Discover - Assess the situation and gather data and information using one or more of our tools and techniques (see FAQs)

Crux - Make sense of the data and information; reveal shared values, beliefs and assumptions and how these shape the current lived experience of the culture

Converge - Imagine the future, identify what needs to change and craft the blueprint to get from here to there

Action - Focus. Prioritize. Move forward. Assess progress. Recalibrate. Continue.

Diagram demonstrating our Culture By Design Approach.

The amount of time and energy spent on each step varies depending on the intent or goal. There are also situations when it makes sense to 'Imagine the Future' before 'Discover' as this can provide focus for data and information gathering.

The Amplifying Effect of Leaders

Leaders, aka people who influence others, are the single most powerful factor in shaping the culture of an organization. Through their words and actions, they send messages as to the right and best way to go about doing things. By focusing efforts on a targeted set of instrumental and symbolic levers, leaders can intentionally create and change culture.

This is where our executive coaching is different, unique and effective. We take a culture-centric approach that builds on the leader's strengths through the intentional use of these levers to increase personal and organizational effectiveness.

Graph showing how to change existing culture to a future desired culture.

Meet the Culture Guru

A number of years ago, my colleagues started calling me the 'Culture Guru'. Instead of being embarrassed, I've learned to embrace it. I am an executive coach and OD practitioner with deep knowledge and experience in leadership, culture and their link to strategy and performance. As a member of a fabulous virtual team of top professionals, we provide solutions that help leaders intentionally shape and change culture. My personal mission is to share the insights, approaches and tools I have acquired during my 30+ years working with organizations from diverse industries around the world.

Nancie Evans, PhD.

The early days - Big Telecom/High Tech companies with roles in Operations, FP&A, Customer Relations, IT and General Management

Middle years - Led major Culture Change initiative for Nortel; executive development (top 250 leaders in global company), leadership development and OD (Loved it!); E&Y consulting gig; LD and OD consulting mostly in Canada; completed MA and PhD in Org Behavior

Last 12 years+ - Everything culture from coaching/advising leaders and leadership teams to conducting assessments and partnering with HR/OD professionals on change initiatives. Working mostly with global and US-based companies on very cool stuff including M&As!

On a personal note...

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