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Evans, N.J. (2017). Culture Benchmarks: A Dangerous Practice. Unpublished white paper.

This paper was written in response to questions as to why Culture-Strategy Fit doesn't use industry benchmarks in our culture assessments. The bottom-line is there is more risk than reward in using benchmarks.

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M&A Article_2

Evans, N.J. (2016). Research Insights: M&A - The Case for Culture. Unpublished research paper.

In 2015, a global manufacturing company asked us to investigate the cost-benefit of including culture as part of M&A due diligence and/or integration activities. This paper summarizes the findings from interviews with integration team leaders and executives in six acquired companies. The companies were globally diverse and ranged from very small to very large. The reasons for the acquisition also varied extensively from acquiring new technology and talent to expansion into new markets. The findings provided clear evidence and a strong case for including culture in M&A due diligence and integration planning.

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Org Culture Reading

Evans, N.J. (2014). Organizational Culture. Unpublished white paper.

This paper explores the meaning of 'organizational culture'. It captures the main concepts that inform our thinking and approach to understanding, shaping and changing culture.

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Strategies article_2

Lord, H. (2016). Culture & Business Transformation. Unpublished white paper.

Author Hazel Lord draws on her experience in large scale transformation in writing a letter to leaders about to embark on similar endeavors. She provides 5 'must do' strategies for managing culture intended to help leaders avoid the pitfalls experienced during business transformations.

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Letter to Transformation Leader

Burns, S. & Evans, N.J. (2014). Strategies for Culture Change. Unpublished white paper.

This paper examines lessons learned from Alan Mulally's transformation of the Ford culture. This is augmented by insights gained from our experience working with companies across a wide range of industries.

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Katzenbach, J.R., Steffen, I. & Kronley, C. (2012). Culture Change That Sticks. Harvard Business Review, July-August.

This is the paper I wish I had written. It beautifully captures our perspective on culture and culture change.

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Levin & Gottleib

Levin, I. & Gottlieb, J.Z. (2009). Realigning Organization Culture for Optimal Performance: Six principles and eight practices. Organization Development Journal, 27 (4), 31-46.

This article explains the concept of systemic and instrumental levers for aligning culture presented in About Us.

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