It's All About Culture!

Executive & Team Coaching

Be your best you! Build on your strengths and expand your influence through the intentional use of cultural practices. We begin with an in-depth assessment that includes observation and information gathering about the way you lead and work. We use this to craft your blueprint for action. Regular coaching conversations combined with periodic reality check-ins follow. A similar approach is used with teams. The main difference is the type of assessment and greater use of on-site observation. The result? You and/or your team are Culture Champions providing the leadership every organization needs!

HR/OD Partnerships

Hone your skills and expand your toolkit! Tap into our expertise to learn new approaches and techniques for defining, creating and changing culture. Learning happens in real-time as we work together on a culture initiative within your organization. We are behind the scenes or directly involved depending on what works best for you. We begin with a needs assessment followed by a roadmap clearly defining the methods and techniques you will learn and apply along the way. The result? A win-win for you and your organization!

M&A Consulting

Make informed choices. Ease integration. Identify and take action to capitalize on cultural synergies and minimize the effect of culture clash. Working with HR/OD or directly with Due Diligence and/or Integration Teams, we use the tried and tested CSF M&A Culture Toolkit to assess risk, guide decision-making and develop culturally appropriate integration and transition plans. The result? A successful integration!

Culture Resource Center

Our sister company, Culture-Strategy Fit (CSF), provides a variety of tools and techniques to help you on your culture journey. This includes M&A cultural integration tools, culture surveys, a simulation, workshop designs, culture images, culture cards and so on. CSF's robust surveys are unique in that they tell the story of your organization's culture, not just provide data. They are contextually appropriate designed to assess culture fit to strategy and cultural differences between organizations. They have been used in Fortune 500 companies from diverse industries around the world. For more information, visit the Culture-Strategy Fit web-site (click here).


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